MDS TAR I: Champion of Champions is the first season of the MDS TAR series. It featured 11 teams, 100 winners and 1 runner-up team as they raced around the world for $1,000,000. The race concluded with best friends Rob and Brennan (from TAR1) winning the entire Race.


Development and ProductionEdit


The starting line for this Race was at the Denver Botanic Gardens.

This season spans over 40,000 miles travelling across 5 continents. As this is the first game of the MDSeries, all countries visited were new, and they included Suriname, Spain, Serbia and Azerbaijan. During the race, teams would experience memorial services in Cambodia as well as face a boomerang Switchback in Australia.


This season's cast were all part of the winners of TAR, including the original winners Rob and Brennan, as well as the main 3 dominant couples of the Race - Rachel and Dave; Meghan and Cheyne; Nick and Starr. Also included were Beauty Queens Dustin and Kandice, due to their popularity despite coming in a close second in TAR: All Stars.


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